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Technical Sales Manager

Manage technical sales to the luxury yachting market, interfacing with skippers, on-board engineers and internal design and production teams.

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Commercial Export (Agroalimentaire)

Opportunité parfaite pour des candidats avec une bonne expérience dans la commercialisation à l’export, de préférence dans l’agroalimentaire.

Go to Ingénieur Cybersécurité

Ingénieur Cybersécurité

Excellente opportunité avec la responsabilité de la mise en place d’outils de sécurité pointus. Poste basé à Monaco.

Go to Ingénieur Traitement des Eaux

Ingénieur Traitement des Eaux

Développer de nouveux systèmes de traitement des eaux, ♪

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Our focus is on helping you. As our client, we want to help y ou to find great people. As a candidate, we want to help you to find the opportunities you deserve. Techselection specializes in technical, managerial and commercial recruitment. Our clients are mainly in the technology industries, including IS, telecoms and electronics. We also have clients in other business sectors. We recruit technical, commercial and managerial people at all levels, from all over Europe. Since 1998, Techselection has worked with hundreds of companies and thousands of candidates and contacts all over Europe, mostly in France, Germany, Benelux, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Great Britain and Ireland.

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Having worked for several multinational companies, I founded techselection in 1998. Since then, I’ve worked with hundreds of companies and thousands of contacts and candidates, in France and around Europe. Client or candidate, to discuss your next step, please just call.

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